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Various aspects of running a restaurant involve leaving an environmental footprint, and it is our utmost priority to reduce it. We want to collaborate with you to limit the amount of packaging that we use:

Bring along your reusable bento box (Tupperware, or anything really…), your totebag and chopsticks (or fork) and we’ll give you a €1 discount on your order.

We do sell tote bags, reusable bento boxes and cutlery at the restaurant, but we’ll accept any kind of utensils that you bring.


Au Poisson-chat loves all animals

🐈 🐕 🐁 🦜 🐎 🐒

A water bowl is accessible for all doggos and cattos, and special treats are available upon demand for the cutest animals (all of them). A special « Animal Influencer » offer is granted for pets with a personal Instagram account.

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